A clean carpet and floor is good for your business.
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Posted on Aug 24, 2017

Entry Mats
Good use of entry mats coupled with thorough and regular vacuuming and mopping, will reduce the damage caused by dry soil brought into your facility.

Vacuum Cleaning
Daily vacuuming reduces the frequency of periodic maintenance procedures required to maintain a clean business, carpets, and floors. In addition to removing dry soil, it also enhances the appearance of your carpet and flooring by restoring a cleaner look.

Routine Business, Carpet, and Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
Regular cleaning by a professional cleaning company will restore and maintain the look of your business’s flooring and overall appearance. Carpets and flooring that are maintained stay clean longer between regular cleanings.

Everyone who walks through the front door of your business observes his or her surroundings. Having a clean floor makes for a positive impression.

Maintaining your business’s carpet and hard flooring has many benefits and can be extremely cost-effective when pairing your commercial cleaning services with a floor cleaning and maintenance program.

Why carpet and floor cleaning is important.
Implementing a routine carpet, floor, and cleaning maintenance program preserves and maintains the look of your business’s image. This can make restorative cleaning tasks essentially unnecessary.

Planned and regular maintenance provides a higher appearance level of your business and extends the life of any flooring investment.

Excessive soiling and staining of surfaces may require utilizing many methods or a combination of methods. Even then, restorative cleaning may not achieve the desired appearance of your carpet or hard flooring.

Poorly maintained flooring and carpets can adversely affect a facility’s image as well as wasting thousands of dollars through misdirected cleaning costs and reduced product performance. Inadequate maintenance also accelerates the need for premature flooring replacement.

Daily vacuuming and removal of spots and spills help maintain your carpet and floorings appearance between scheduled cleanings. Having regular cleanings by a commercial cleaning company reduces the likelihood of permanent stains.

How soil affects your carpet and flooring

Approximately 79% of the soil in carpet is dry soil. The soil that sticks to the surface of the carpet fibers amounts to 21%. If left unattended, the dry soil cuts the fibers down slowly from the bottom, while the sticky soil creates obvious wear patterns at the surface of the carpet. An effective carpet cleaning and maintenance program will absorb the sticky soil that binds to the carpet. It’s the simple and most effective approach to soil management.

Dry soil can quickly abrade and distort the surface of any type of flooring. Once the flooring has become scratched from sand and debris, it will no longer reflect light as it did before it was damaged and can become soiled more easily.

Sticky soil is comprised of oils, sugar based spills, food, pollutants, environmental contaminants, asphalt sealer, exhaust, detergent residue, and more. When sticky soil binds to your carpet or hard flooring, it tends to cure or dry within the fibers of your carpet and even those small abrasions on your hard flooring. As a result, it cannot be quickly and easily removed by dry vacuuming or wet mopping. This type of soil tends to require sufficient moisture, chemical, and agitation to loosen and remove completely.

Businesses who pair their commercial cleaning services with a carpet and floor cleaning maintenance program, not only prevents restorative cleaning and possible premature floor replacement, but a longer lasting clean look that has customers coming back for more.