Considering your options when selling real estate
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Posted on Nov 08, 2017

This beautiful home in Avila sold through our family, a trusted name in real estate since 1959.

Real estate is sometimes the biggest investment an individual will make in their lifetime. Whether it's a home, a commercial building, a development project or just acreage, choosing the right real estate firm to represent your interests will make a big difference in how your property is viewed, and ultimately, sold.

As soon as you put those words out there: "For Sale," you're going to be inundated with calls, emails, postcards, letters, and all sorts of marketing materials for real estate firms promising to sell your property. But a careful seller will do his or her homework before just choosing the one that's offering the lowest commission.

Your first question should be: "Why do you want to sell my home?" Simple, right? 

You want to choose an agent that understands why you're selling the home and who understands values. That's a big one - homes sit on the market for months, and even years, because of a price that's too high. Remember, agents work on commission and the higher the sales price, the higher their commission. So they're motivated to bring that price up. But, is it going to hurt your property in the long run? 

Your next question should be - "where do you get your buyers from?" This is important as it shows their marketablity. Sure, any real estate agent can throw their properties on to the MLS system and watch it live on the internet for a few months. And, let's not forget that nice sign in your yard. Does the sign even have any info on your home? Or is it just an advertisement with the agent's face? You want an office that brings buyers from all across the globe to your door. 

American Heritage is a family-owned and operated full-service real estate brokerage located in Tampa Bay, with offices and affiliates across the state, the country, and internationally. Our team of full-time REALTORS can sell your home and attract the right buyers from day one. With an in-house marketing team and dedicated legal office, American Heritage works hard to think outside the box when selling your property. And, you won't see us taking buyers from your property to show them to another. Why? Because we're working for YOU. 

Our family has been selling real estate by listings and auctions since 1959, and our office is proudly in its third generation of real estate professionals. With properties sold in the billions of dollars across the globe, see why this family-operated brokerage without any ties to franchises has been one of the leaders in real estate for decades.

For more information on selling your property, please call Mathew J. Eberius at (727) 488-2423, or email